12/26/2014 20:20
So let's cover 
Attacking-I really cannot seem to attack any of the defenses that I come up against. I try a lot of different strategies when I play and usually something different every game. I try to play possession but people come at me really fast and tackle me. I try to play fast and my passes go all over the place. I really don't know what I'm doing on that end. I'm worse at attacking than defending. 
Defending- I'm not the best defender and I'm probably one of the worst. I try different things on this side of the ball too. I hold a. I hold a and RB. I try to manually defend. I try to jockey but none of it seems to work. I usually can't tackle my opponents and usually they get very close to my box and then bad things happens. 
Sorry for the long read just trying to say what I'm doing so I can get help thanks guys
I just started FIFA at the World Cup last year so I am still a noob. I also though had a spell of about three weeks in Div 1. My game picked up immensely when a friend recommended a Youtuber named Dirty Mike. He has a lot of nice easy to understand videos about different techniques to win more. I would go all the way back to his defending tutorials and watch them. Watch a few vids play a few games rinse and repeat. I have watched the defending one alot. When I start losing I watch it again and the bleeding normaly stops Buy FIFA 15 Coins

The Return & FIFA Advise [MERRY XMAS!]

12/25/2014 21:40
Merry Christmas!
I've returned; unfortunately. 
How's everyone? 
As you've guessed and seen, I will be returning this Christmas with a brand spanking new PS4 in replace of the old generation PS3. Honestly, I am really pumped for it! You can't simply beat a bit of FIFA 15 Coins and COD:AW on a freshly baked console.
Let me know what you're hoping to get this Christmas, that's of course if you celebrate Christmas. 
Let me interview you! 
I'd highly appreciate it if you would answer these following questions based on your experience with FUT 15. It would help a noobie out like myself.Top lads! 
Which outfield player(s) have been your favourite so far in FIFA 15? 
Which goalkeeper(s) have been your favourite so far in FIFA 15? 
Which formation has been your favourite in FIFA 15? 
Which card do you hate playing against? 
What style of play do you hate playing against? (e.g possession football, pressure football) 

Getting Started With FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Beginner Tips and Tricks

12/24/2014 21:53
For the last couple of iterations, FIFA Ultimate Team has become one of the most important elements of the Buy FIFA 15 Coins franchise. There are a lot of components to cover which will lead you to the ultimate glory that comes with FUT.
In this guide, I’ll be discussing about different basic level things so that you don’t repeat some of the commonly made mistakes in FUT.
Getting Started
First off, if you’re a new player to FUT and didn’t get a chance to try out the FUT 14, I would strongly recommend going through the official website and familiarize yourself with a couple of things about how FUT works.
Going in without any prior knowledge of FUT rules won’t get you anywhere near success. Once you’re done with learning the basic idea of how FUT works, jump into the game right away.
At the beginning days of the FUT, the market is always fluctuating and you need to take advantage of this thing to score yourself a couple of good deals.
Great deals will consequently allow you to form a strong team and start winning games right from the start. Winnings will eventually put you on the path of getting better with each day and will allow you to improve your team.
After starting the game for the first time, you’ll be required to give your club a name – this is the same for both returning and new players. Come up with a good name and abbreviation because changing it later involves a lot of hassle.
Starter Packs
You’ll receive some packs including a Starter Pack containing 34 cards – these cards are, however, cannot be sold. After opening up all your packs, the first thing that you need to do is to financially support your club.
The best thing at your disposal, at this point, is going to be your cards. You need to sell all these cards except the ones from the Starter Pack and then proceed.
Double-check the prices to make sure you’re not selling cards dirt cheap. By doing so, you’ll not be able to buy contracts and increase your progression speed, but also build a decent team.
Gaining Coins
Having an abundance of coins is always a good idea; therefore, you should try to farm them whenever possible. You can begin with checking out EASFC catalogue and exchanging your credits for coin boosts.
In addition to this, you can also tell your friends to send you these items. With these items active during your first couple of matches, you’ll keep on receiving bonuses until the effect of these items last.
Another useful thing to do is to complete Manager Tasks from the My Club which will net you rewards like Gold Packs. And while the cards of these Gold Packs will be non-traceable, you’ll be able to use them to enjoy cheaper items.
Lastly, coming to the option of buying FIFA Points, don’t go for buying these once the game has released for 3-4 weeks. Like I have mentioned above, take advantage of the market’s fluctuations and net yourself some good deals.
Trading will allow you to gather coins in a much faster way. Once you’ve gathered some coins, start making small investments, but always remember not to put in everything you have. There is no hard and fast rule to ensure 100% success rate, but don’t let a few failures get to you.
Note: Do note that at the beginning, you won’t find much traffic in the marketplace.
Start off with cards costing between 150 to 300 and stick to the small profits. This can be easily done by consumables which you’ll be able to buy at sale prices at the beginning of the game.
Once you’ve acquired a decent profit, expand your trading from consumables and move onto players.
Contract Cards
Buying contract cards is one important aspect of the FUT. With contract cards, it’s possible to make a player play after an injury – only if the player has contracts.
It’s recommended that you buy these contracts as soon as possible. Couple these up with the fifty per cent bonus from the managers and all your costs will be covered effectively.
Creating the Team
Before setting out to create your team, do note that different players of your team must have a decent chemistry with each other in order to gain success in the matches. Try and go for players with the same nationality to enhance the sense of team play among them.
Another thing to keep in mind is to create a team that compliments your style of playing the game. It hardly matters if your team has a rating of 99, unless it compliments your playstyle and a player’s individual performance.
By the general rule of thumb, you should look for pace and physical stats more than anything else.
Formation is another thing that you should not neglect when building up your team. Make sure that both your formation and players complement one another and then make adjustments accordingly.
Building up a team takes up a large chunk of your wealth, but if you’re left with some coins after building up your main squad, go with some cheap substitutes.
Start Playing
After setting up everything, try out the single-player mode first. The reason why I’m saying this is because it will allow you to get familiarized with the game and test out how your squad works with your chosen formation.
In addition to this, you’ll also be able to test out the chemistry among your players.
It’s a good idea to kick off the things with some easy tournaments before diving into the TOTW. For these starting games, utilize the players that you received with the Starter Packs and keep on playing with them until the all their contracts are expired.
Once the contracts of these players end, you’ll be forced to buy new players. You can go to the Transfer Market and trade them with a similar player with more contracts.
One more thing that you would be able to do is to get players on loan. By doing so, you’ll be saving a lot of extra coins and we’ll adding variety to your team. This will consequently allow you to win more starting matches and gain more coins.
Lastly, tell yourself never to forfeit a match! By doing so, you’ll lower your %DNF and will drastically reduce the rewards gained at the end of a game.

The FIFA 15 Trading Guide UT15 (Credit JD)

12/22/2014 20:42
IF Trading Guidline
The method works by a large amount of cards being placed on the market at an inflated price. It relies on lazy buyers who use the console (not proven) who do not take the time to search for the lowest price on players. They search the market and see all the players up at a set price and buy a player, thinking that must be his going rate. There are plenty of theories on why this works, but that's the one i'm going with! THIS IS NOT PRICE-FIXING. 
- Please do not argue with each other! The thread will be locked if this occurs. 
- Sticking together with prices etc will help each other make coins and keep bickering to a minimum. 
- All cards dealt with are 'cheap' IF's, please keep the thread on topic where possible. 
- This thread has now evolved slightly to including none discard IF's aswel. Prices should be discussed and agreed on. 
- Only ever buy TOTW players on the Monday/Tuesday at the EARLIEST. Do NOT Buy FIFA 15 Coins current TOTW players before this time. 
- The ONLY time it is acceptable to buy players in the current TOTW BEFORE Monday/Tuesday is when they are already discard price. This is sub 11k at a maximum. 
- Stick to 8-10 cards. No more no less. Do not put all your eggs in one basket where possible incase there is an unexpected crash or complication with a player. He get's a SIF etc... 
- When you sell a card, replace it with another where possible. It's always encouraging to post pics of your sales if you can. This keeps others up to date on sale prices and also helps others who may not have had a sale yet. 
- As stated, this relies on a modicum of luck. This is not a quick flip method for making coins and does require some patience/faith. So do not start this method if you cannot spare the coins. Sales may come in the first hour, they may require a few days. This is not an exact science but it does work. 
- Chem Cards and Position changes are not required but MAY help with a sale. I would also advise to buy fresh cards for attacking players but it is NOT necessary. 
- Stick to the buy prices you agree on. Buying too high will reduce the profit margins for everyone (including yourself). 
- Above all, respect one another. 
- This method is great if you give it some time. 
Just a tip from myself, if you came in here because you badly need the coins and want a quick profit, this is not for you.

Forum FIFA 15 guidence needed

12/20/2014 10:02

Ever since I switched from Madden to FIFA I have logged a lot of time and spent over 1,500 US dollars on packs. I have sold almost every card I ever pulled, most discards, with my best pull a Sherringham which was sold for 240k. My transfer profit, mainly through selling packed cards, is at like 7.9 mil. 


Meanwhile another Madden turned FIFA player on my friends list has bought a couple hundred in packs... and like 5-6 gigantic helpings of coins from "another" method @ like $60 per 1.2 mil. I logged in today and saw his transfer profit went up from 7 mil to 12 mil. 


This is bothering me. So what should I do? I am fed up to the point I am considering narking on him, even though I have never done that in my life before. I mean why should I spend tons more, spend hours selling discards, while getting way less returns? If this sounds like sour grapes it is. So Forums what should I do? 

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