Not your usual FIFA 15 Pro Clubs recruitment (Xbox One)

01/23/2015 17:19
May well be wasting my time but here's the gig:
I have played a lot of Ultimate Team and want a change. I have played 30 drop-in matches and I freely admit to being pretty rubbish but I want to start a team for anyone new to Pro Clubs who's interested in getting some games in with no pressure to do anything other than play maturely. By 'maturely', I also mean honourably, i.e. passing the ball about and not believing that the game is to showcase your skill. Of course, it would be great to win, get promotion etc. but let's just have a good time playing. I am very probably a fair bit older than most FIFA coins players but, ultimately, you'll fit in if what I'm describing strikes a chord with you. 
I am usually online (Xbox One) from about 8ish most weeknights (once the kids are in bed). I have a great connection and a headset. My pro is only a 84 CAM but, frankly, I would play at another position if someone else wants that. 
Drop me a line if you're interested. GT: BingoUK 

Up to 300k FIFA COINSFree To Play Tournament - Hosted by Bang Bruvs!

01/22/2015 20:35
Hey everyone!
I had a thread in here a few weeks back when our stream first started, but I figured I would create a new one for our big event we are hosting tomorrow (Friday 1/23)! Our stream has gone from 0 followers to 650 in 3 weeks and has had much success thus far. To give back to all of you fifa coins guys (as a lot of our viewers came here from the forums originally), we are hosting a FUT Knockout Tournament w/ up to a 300k (depending on size) payout all supplied from us! To clarify, signing up and participating is completely FREE for you and you have a good shot at winning a large amount of coins. We will also have many, many other giveaways throughout the day as we do every single day, so if you can't play, or get knocked out early you should certainly consider sticking around! 
I'm going to keep this short, as I have created a Google DOC with ALL the information if you are interested. I will post a registration link here at around 1130am PST / 730pm fifa 15 coins UK Friday, and the registration will close 230pm PST / 1030pm UK Friday. We plan to start the tournament 15 minutes after that. If you would like to participate but cannot make the registration slot for some reason, please DM me on Twitter and I will do my best to accommodate you. All the details can be found below, remember that you must be following us on Twitch and Twitter to be involved. Good luck to all, and hope to see some new faces! 

Rewarding Fifa points for pack purchases

01/21/2015 18:14
I'm not sure if this idea has already been thrown out there, but I really think Fifa need to consider adding some sort of bonus to pack openings.
After TOTY, my friend and I probably spent around 3m in coins on packs and collectively could probably sell the received players/items for 250k (best players we received were Hummels/David Silva/ 1 sell now IF). Which when I see Youtube channels claiming to of spent 5m fifa coins in coins and receiving 4 TOTYs and a Messi, I don't think the game is fair for the average person. 
Now, admittedly I was hugely disappointed at this, but this post is not a rage at Fifa, merely a suggestion. 
With those 3m coins that we spent on packs, if Fifa awarded say 0.001% of that 3m into Fifa points, it would give us a reward of being able to buy a few more packs whilst being less infuriated at the waste of money most of us have just made. It may even make coin sellers/pack websites less successful.

Not impressed by TOTY FIFA 15 Kroos one bit

01/20/2015 21:26
Tried him at CAM & CDM in 4-2-3-1 (2) and CM in 4-3-3 (5). Offered 0 goals and 0 assists in 7 matches, and is merely a spectator. Whenever he gets the ball he gets cheap fifa 15 coins hacked down by the opponent. Doesn't feel any better than the NIF.
The only thing he's impressed me with is his price rise. He's now 460k more than what I paid for him (bought him early this morning).
Since buying him, all my matches bar one were vs other people with a TOTY card, all who seemed to perform really well too. I lost 4, won 3. Tbh the only player who performed for me in the last 7 games was Bale (love him to bits).
Thats strange. I used him at CDM in 4222 (don't laugh, only option in my team at the time) and even at that position he was AMAZING. Now i use him at CAM, i really like his strength, his ball control, amazing passes and well that shooting is unreal. 
Also, sometimes when my striker struggled in front of goal, all of a sudden a wild kroos popped up and tapped it in, happened a couple of times now.
Struggled to do anything with him really, was constantly barged down and man marked all the time. Which benefited the players around him giving them space, but he hasn't even provided fifa coins ps3 even one moment of magic in 7 games. Just a passenger.

FIFA 15 PS4 OldSchool FC. Recruiting for all positions. USA based team

01/19/2015 15:52
OldSchool FC is currently recruiting for all positions. Mainly in search of CMs and Strikers, and possibly a GK. We are a new USA buy fifa 15 coins based club and playing times are in between 6 p.m-4 a.m Central time USA. We don't start or end at those certain times but those are the times we play in between. Looking for passing minded players looking to play passing minded football. Not players who just look for the through ball. Looking for players that know how to pass and are confident on the ball enough to start/ create plays.
If you are interested in joining, message me, Bansky217 on psn stating the reason and/or send me a friend request stating the reason. 
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