Ah EA come on really, ye ruined FUT

02/04/2015 21:45
Every player literally has a super team now bought with real $$$$$ the normal guy like myself doesn't stand a chance anymore, it used to be my goal to afford a Messi by the summer but 5.5mil now no hope, how many 2k tournaments do I need cheap fifa 15 coins to win for that eh? Thanks for destroying the game for the common player, the game is pointless now, no reward for people who just play a lot of games.
My primary goal in FUT is to make non rare teams, unique hybrids, one nation teams from the less common nations. I used to fair pretty well. But this year it's doubly difficult cos nearly every team I face has some combination of Robben, Reus, Bale, Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Neymar. 
Players like Robben are just so OP, perhaps deservedly so, but when so many teams have him the game becomes a farce.
I have been lucky to have some big pack pulls early on, that i had enough coins to invest during TOTY and that has paid off big time, letting me buy some big players at the right time, but as my coin total goes down players i want keep going up & up. 
Went back to play world cup mode the other night and other than the lag quite enjoyed it.