Exus Favilla - smaller man clubs - FIFA 15 Xbox One

02/03/2015 20:21
We are a smaller man club who have "older" guys (20′s and early 30′s).
We play 2-5 times a week depending on how busy we are we play to win but we play for fun. We play cheap fifa 15 coins anything from 3 man to 7 man. usually 7pm or later (depends on who is about). 
We are looking for a part time Any/*/cam 
a CM (or LM/RM) and maybe a DM 
Positional sense is important 
ability to play passing football is important, we don't mind the odd skill move but if you do it all the time we will boot you 
selfish people need not apply, we play a team game 
We do not have set playing times or days, we are flexible and don't expect people to be on every day, people have lives! 
Most important of all is the ability to understand we are not super serious, that we do want to win but that it is also just a game 
so if you are happy to play a few nights a week, with anything from 3 to 7 men (usually no GK) then let us know. most of us have been playing together for 4 years, so we′re looking for the right kind of people 
main position 
other positions 
additional info 
if you′re interested message here or on fifa 15 coins xbox one majson83