few FIFA 15 ideas to make this game better via getting rid coin sellers and youtubers

01/17/2015 21:50
Still can buy fifa 15 coins and sell players as normal. but if you buy with fifa points you can sell them for coins. if you buy with coins there untradeable.
sorry something needs to be done to combat these coin sellers 
its this or tell all the youtubers that if they continue to promote coin websites they will be hit with a law suit in which they are responsible for paying a fraction of the entire coin websites profit. 
or tell them to stop it or there going to strike there youtube account. 
they know these guys by first name and where they live as they have given flights to these clowns to play fifa before anyone else. at this time they should say this to them. * them off what have you. 
and with that have them play the new game before anyone. but if you see that pace high pressure lob thru balls and ground through balls are broken at that time ea should competly nerf it 
i for one am not buying fifa 16. i am literally done. this game feels like they took every broken expliot or game mecahinc from 09 and put it into one fifa coins game.