FIFA 15: 10 New Premier League Transfers Who Should Be Rated Highest

01/08/2015 20:13
It’s anyone’s guess who the best Premier League team on FIFA 15 will be because of these new signings.
With the new Premier League season upon us part of the reason anticipation is so high (aside from the painful three month break) is because football fans across the globe are desperate to see the impact incoming transfers will have on their new clubs. Will the millions Premier League sides spend on bringing in new talent be worth it or will they go the way of Fernando Torres and fall hopelessly short of expectation? These new transfers will also have a huge impact on the way Premier League sides feel on FIFA 15, which is released on 26th September.
Though this season the Premier League sides can’t claim to have splashed the cash in the same way as La Liga teams (namely Barcelona and Real Madrid), there are still many talented players coming over to the most exciting league on the planet.
So far, Chelsea have predictably been the side who have spent the most money, splurging around £82 million on bringing a handful of the world’s most exciting players to Stamford Bridge. Liverpool are hot on the Blues’ tails, spending their Suarez millions and then some on reinforcing the side which was so close to winning the league title last season, though it is worth noting that nearly all of Liverpool’s most expensive signings were already in the Premier League (almost exclusively playing for Southampton) so names like Lallana, Lambert and Lovren are ineligible for this list.
As is always the case, the transfers made this summer will inevitably have a huge impact on the top tier of English football this season. Here are the 10 new Premier League players who will have the biggest impact on the Premier League in real life and in FIFA 15 coins: