FIFA 15: 5 (Cheap) Hidden Gems In Ultimate Team

12/30/2014 21:13
If FIFA Ultimate Team had a Football Manager style addiction-rating, it’d likely read something like ‘turning your underwear inside out save on washing’ – for most of us anyway. It’s time consuming, so fun and so frustrating
But that’s why we love it.
FUT has become Buy FIFA 15 Coins most popular game mode. It gives us all the opportunity to create our dream team. But with dreams – hard work, time and effort is needed. But rest assured that you’re not alone in realising just how much time and real money you’ve wasted on it.
We can all agree too that we’ve felt like screaming the house down when our expensively, carefully assembled FUT squads get been dominated by some lightning quick striker nobody has ever heard of. It’s a tough and all too regular break.
So instead of spending all of that time, money and energy on making your squad perfect, realise that it might be a little more rewarding to mould together a team of cheap players and bring them to the top division. Collated here are five players who should be able to find for under 5000 coins on FUT – at least to get you started anyway.