FIFA 15: 5 Outrageous Rumours That Won’t Happen

01/13/2015 20:10
The hype surrounding the release of FIFA 15 is still sky-high after EA Sports teased us with the first glimpses of gameplay at E3. EA are often criticised for introducing too little from one instalment of FIFA to another, barely making the new game different enough to warrant fans making a new purchase. However, with FIFA 15 Coins EA claims to have introduced a plethora of new features to convince fans that we wouldn’t yet again be seeing a marginally different copy of the previous year’s game, just with Lionel Messi in a different pose on the cover. The introduction of exciting new visual features such as the living pitch, an overhauled crowd and player emotional intelligence means that FIFA 15 will be suitably gorgeous to mark the franchise’s jump to next-ge
However, even with all the new additions announced at E3, speculation is still rife as to other new elements we will see making their debut in FIFA 15. These rumours range from the plausible to the downright ridiculous. Thankfully nobody has suggested that a biting function should be added for Suarez, though some of these rumours are almost as off-the-wall.
Here are the 5 FIFA 15 rumours that surely won’t happen: