FIFA 15 Surprised

01/12/2015 20:04
Still no market crash 
Also people are not saying I give up on fifa I'm just going to spend it all on packs since it doesn't matter anymore and the game is old... Like pasts years which must mean lots of people like the game for once despite the complaints of 
Auto tackle or auto defending which in most cases isn't actually happening. 
I have had countless people message me complaining that I'm using auto defending and tackling which I don't use ever. 
I think too many people were sweating to victory and now they made the movement and tackling on defense better which makes people believe that the CPU is defending for them because they don't realize how sweaty and predictable they play. 
Anyhow the market will crash just as bad as any other year. 
Expect 150k drops on robben bale Suarez and any ifs with some like if di Maria dropping a mil buy fifa 15 coins plus