fifa 16 player career mode suggestions

02/01/2015 17:51
Let me start off by saying the player career mode in fifa 15 isn't great fifa 15 coins store, i made the jump from fifa 13 & honestly not a lot has changed. Some things i would like to see in the next fifa for the player career mode are these:
When your career starts you should be asked to join a U21 team or be picked by a random team scouting you. Money should matter somehow otherwise there's no point to show it in contracts. Your contract should expire to give you options like resign, ask for raise, decline etc. If you receive a transfer offer it should come with the teams current position in their league, last 5 game results & the team sheet. For the player you should be able to put in your favorite formation & a secondary position option. Winter wear!! there needs to be an option for what layers if any you would have your player wear in the winter games, that he would change into automatically. MOTM performances, new signings or manager mentions should all come with interviews so you can develop your player into a well liked gentleman or an *. The accomplishments should be tailored to each specific position its not that difficult & it eliminates seeing the ones that you cant even do. It would be nice for in game accomplishment reports for when you've almost completed one. Realistic weekly objectives that correlate with the season ones; if you already scored the goals for the season it shouldn't be a weekly objective
Sorry if its excessive but I've played since 06 and career mode cheap fifa coins has never been given the attention it deserves