Forum FIFA 15 guidence needed

12/20/2014 10:02

Ever since I switched from Madden to FIFA I have logged a lot of time and spent over 1,500 US dollars on packs. I have sold almost every card I ever pulled, most discards, with my best pull a Sherringham which was sold for 240k. My transfer profit, mainly through selling packed cards, is at like 7.9 mil. 


Meanwhile another Madden turned FIFA player on my friends list has bought a couple hundred in packs... and like 5-6 gigantic helpings of coins from "another" method @ like $60 per 1.2 mil. I logged in today and saw his transfer profit went up from 7 mil to 12 mil. 


This is bothering me. So what should I do? I am fed up to the point I am considering narking on him, even though I have never done that in my life before. I mean why should I spend tons more, spend hours selling discards, while getting way less returns? If this sounds like sour grapes it is. So Forums what should I do?