FUT 13 coins - ratio, and anyone got any to trade?

01/05/2015 21:15
Last night my mate suggested we hop on FUT 13 for a couple of hours, after getting a sound 5-1 bashing on co-op seasons
It was a good idea, we played 5 FUT friendlies matches, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although my team was a bit rubbish, mainly just Chelsea players. I didn't realise the game speed was SO fast and furious. 
MY question is, I have a few FUT 15 coins spare, and looking at the prices for FUT 15 coins players they are quite cheap (Toure 14k, Hazard 45k, Tevez 10k, Aguero 35k) so I won't really need to trade much depending on the ratio. I only really want to build a good team that will compete with my mates amazing team. 
Also, how difficult is it to find seasons matches? 
I won't be trading till the new year, I think I'll only want to swap 50k FUT 15 for 13 coins, I just thought I'd put this post out there to gauge whether or not a trade will be possible. 
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