12/26/2014 20:20
So let's cover 
Attacking-I really cannot seem to attack any of the defenses that I come up against. I try a lot of different strategies when I play and usually something different every game. I try to play possession but people come at me really fast and tackle me. I try to play fast and my passes go all over the place. I really don't know what I'm doing on that end. I'm worse at attacking than defending. 
Defending- I'm not the best defender and I'm probably one of the worst. I try different things on this side of the ball too. I hold a. I hold a and RB. I try to manually defend. I try to jockey but none of it seems to work. I usually can't tackle my opponents and usually they get very close to my box and then bad things happens. 
Sorry for the long read just trying to say what I'm doing so I can get help thanks guys
I just started FIFA at the World Cup last year so I am still a noob. I also though had a spell of about three weeks in Div 1. My game picked up immensely when a friend recommended a Youtuber named Dirty Mike. He has a lot of nice easy to understand videos about different techniques to win more. I would go all the way back to his defending tutorials and watch them. Watch a few vids play a few games rinse and repeat. I have watched the defending one alot. When I start losing I watch it again and the bleeding normaly stops Buy FIFA 15 Coins