Not your usual FIFA 15 Pro Clubs recruitment (Xbox One)

01/23/2015 17:19
May well be wasting my time but here's the gig:
I have played a lot of Ultimate Team and want a change. I have played 30 drop-in matches and I freely admit to being pretty rubbish but I want to start a team for anyone new to Pro Clubs who's interested in getting some games in with no pressure to do anything other than play maturely. By 'maturely', I also mean honourably, i.e. passing the ball about and not believing that the game is to showcase your skill. Of course, it would be great to win, get promotion etc. but let's just have a good time playing. I am very probably a fair bit older than most FIFA coins players but, ultimately, you'll fit in if what I'm describing strikes a chord with you. 
I am usually online (Xbox One) from about 8ish most weeknights (once the kids are in bed). I have a great connection and a headset. My pro is only a 84 CAM but, frankly, I would play at another position if someone else wants that. 
Drop me a line if you're interested. GT: BingoUK