Question about buying TOTY FIFA Di Maria and selling others

01/25/2015 17:15
So i really want Toty di maria in my BPL squad, i'm currently still holding TOTY fifa coins Kroos, TOTY Silva, TOTY Ramos and TOTY David Luiz. Kroos and Ramos from packs and Silva and Luiz for cheap as an investment.
So for you experienced guru's out there, what would you suggest i do in this case, what is a wise thing to do. Should i sell a couple of those TOTY's (Ramos OR Silva has to stay for my defense) and buy Di Maria right at this moment, or will Di marias price go down and should i wait or will his price RISE? because i don't want to be too late to buy him when his price does go up more and i'm never able to afford him without giving up every one of my toty players. 
I really could use some advice with this situation. 
Tough call...if you were looking at anything other than a toty card I would say wait as the toty cards you have now will go up, but since you want another toty card your best bet may be to sell your other toty cards now and buy toty di Maria. Also, if you do sell I would sell Ramos and keep toty silva and toty luiz as your defensive fifa 15 coins partnership.