Rewarding Fifa points for pack purchases

01/21/2015 18:14
I'm not sure if this idea has already been thrown out there, but I really think Fifa need to consider adding some sort of bonus to pack openings.
After TOTY, my friend and I probably spent around 3m in coins on packs and collectively could probably sell the received players/items for 250k (best players we received were Hummels/David Silva/ 1 sell now IF). Which when I see Youtube channels claiming to of spent 5m fifa coins in coins and receiving 4 TOTYs and a Messi, I don't think the game is fair for the average person. 
Now, admittedly I was hugely disappointed at this, but this post is not a rage at Fifa, merely a suggestion. 
With those 3m coins that we spent on packs, if Fifa awarded say 0.001% of that 3m into Fifa points, it would give us a reward of being able to buy a few more packs whilst being less infuriated at the waste of money most of us have just made. It may even make coin sellers/pack websites less successful.