The FIFA 15 Trading Guide UT15 (Credit JD)

12/22/2014 20:42
IF Trading Guidline
The method works by a large amount of cards being placed on the market at an inflated price. It relies on lazy buyers who use the console (not proven) who do not take the time to search for the lowest price on players. They search the market and see all the players up at a set price and buy a player, thinking that must be his going rate. There are plenty of theories on why this works, but that's the one i'm going with! THIS IS NOT PRICE-FIXING. 
- Please do not argue with each other! The thread will be locked if this occurs. 
- Sticking together with prices etc will help each other make coins and keep bickering to a minimum. 
- All cards dealt with are 'cheap' IF's, please keep the thread on topic where possible. 
- This thread has now evolved slightly to including none discard IF's aswel. Prices should be discussed and agreed on. 
- Only ever buy TOTW players on the Monday/Tuesday at the EARLIEST. Do NOT Buy FIFA 15 Coins current TOTW players before this time. 
- The ONLY time it is acceptable to buy players in the current TOTW BEFORE Monday/Tuesday is when they are already discard price. This is sub 11k at a maximum. 
- Stick to 8-10 cards. No more no less. Do not put all your eggs in one basket where possible incase there is an unexpected crash or complication with a player. He get's a SIF etc... 
- When you sell a card, replace it with another where possible. It's always encouraging to post pics of your sales if you can. This keeps others up to date on sale prices and also helps others who may not have had a sale yet. 
- As stated, this relies on a modicum of luck. This is not a quick flip method for making coins and does require some patience/faith. So do not start this method if you cannot spare the coins. Sales may come in the first hour, they may require a few days. This is not an exact science but it does work. 
- Chem Cards and Position changes are not required but MAY help with a sale. I would also advise to buy fresh cards for attacking players but it is NOT necessary. 
- Stick to the buy prices you agree on. Buying too high will reduce the profit margins for everyone (including yourself). 
- Above all, respect one another. 
- This method is great if you give it some time. 
Just a tip from myself, if you came in here because you badly need the coins and want a quick profit, this is not for you.