FIFA 15 the biggest disaster of all FIFA

02/02/2015 16:46
This fifa is a total failure of of ea. They literally this game worse than FIFA 14 coins.
Spoke of how it will be better and it is in all respects by the disaster. 
If the same again 16 I went to the PES (and it will happen for the first time) Make every effort to and improve. Do not speak in an empty what will be better if you do not. This year you have a lot of buyers set ourselves slap in the face. 
Let this be an incentive for the future. This year mainly on techniques for fifa 
The problem is, and always we'll be the contstant pressure and relentless pace that is allowed year on year. I only started playing online recently and only play as Birmingham so I can't comment and on how good or otherwise Real are but, although I've made it up to division 4 and am on the verge of 3 the game is not enjoyable because it's impossible to play any game at less than 90mph/kph. 
If they just implemented a sensible stanima system it would all be fine. Any player running around at full pace should be exhausted by half time. The whole team being unable to run in the second half would make everyone use pace/pressure/agression far less. More like real football.