Ah EA come on really, ye ruined FUT

02/04/2015 21:45
Every player literally has a super team now bought with real $$$$$ the normal guy like myself doesn't stand a chance anymore, it used to be my goal to afford a Messi by the summer but 5.5mil now no hope, how many 2k tournaments do I need cheap fifa 15 coins to win for that eh? Thanks for destroying the game for the common player, the game is pointless now, no reward for people who just play a lot of games.
My primary goal in FUT is to make non rare teams, unique hybrids, one nation teams from the less common nations. I used to fair pretty well. But this year it's doubly difficult cos nearly every team I face has some combination of Robben, Reus, Bale, Ronaldo, Messi, Hazard, Neymar. 
Players like Robben are just so OP, perhaps deservedly so, but when so many teams have him the game becomes a farce.
I have been lucky to have some big pack pulls early on, that i had enough coins to invest during TOTY and that has paid off big time, letting me buy some big players at the right time, but as my coin total goes down players i want keep going up & up. 
Went back to play world cup mode the other night and other than the lag quite enjoyed it.

Exus Favilla - smaller man clubs - FIFA 15 Xbox One

02/03/2015 20:21
We are a smaller man club who have "older" guys (20′s and early 30′s).
We play 2-5 times a week depending on how busy we are we play to win but we play for fun. We play cheap fifa 15 coins anything from 3 man to 7 man. usually 7pm or later (depends on who is about). 
We are looking for a part time Any/*/cam 
a CM (or LM/RM) and maybe a DM 
Positional sense is important 
ability to play passing football is important, we don't mind the odd skill move but if you do it all the time we will boot you 
selfish people need not apply, we play a team game 
We do not have set playing times or days, we are flexible and don't expect people to be on every day, people have lives! 
Most important of all is the ability to understand we are not super serious, that we do want to win but that it is also just a game 
so if you are happy to play a few nights a week, with anything from 3 to 7 men (usually no GK) then let us know. most of us have been playing together for 4 years, so we′re looking for the right kind of people 
main position 
other positions 
additional info 
if you′re interested message here or on fifa 15 coins xbox one majson83

FIFA 15 the biggest disaster of all FIFA

02/02/2015 16:46
This fifa is a total failure of of ea. They literally this game worse than FIFA 14 coins.
Spoke of how it will be better and it is in all respects by the disaster. 
If the same again 16 I went to the PES (and it will happen for the first time) Make every effort to and improve. Do not speak in an empty what will be better if you do not. This year you have a lot of buyers set ourselves slap in the face. 
Let this be an incentive for the future. This year mainly on techniques for fifa 
The problem is, and always we'll be the contstant pressure and relentless pace that is allowed year on year. I only started playing online recently and only play as Birmingham so I can't comment and on how good or otherwise Real are but, although I've made it up to division 4 and am on the verge of 3 the game is not enjoyable because it's impossible to play any game at less than 90mph/kph. 
If they just implemented a sensible stanima system it would all be fine. Any player running around at full pace should be exhausted by half time. The whole team being unable to run in the second half would make everyone use pace/pressure/agression far less. More like real football.

fifa 16 player career mode suggestions

02/01/2015 17:51
Let me start off by saying the player career mode in fifa 15 isn't great fifa 15 coins store, i made the jump from fifa 13 & honestly not a lot has changed. Some things i would like to see in the next fifa for the player career mode are these:
When your career starts you should be asked to join a U21 team or be picked by a random team scouting you. Money should matter somehow otherwise there's no point to show it in contracts. Your contract should expire to give you options like resign, ask for raise, decline etc. If you receive a transfer offer it should come with the teams current position in their league, last 5 game results & the team sheet. For the player you should be able to put in your favorite formation & a secondary position option. Winter wear!! there needs to be an option for what layers if any you would have your player wear in the winter games, that he would change into automatically. MOTM performances, new signings or manager mentions should all come with interviews so you can develop your player into a well liked gentleman or an *. The accomplishments should be tailored to each specific position its not that difficult & it eliminates seeing the ones that you cant even do. It would be nice for in game accomplishment reports for when you've almost completed one. Realistic weekly objectives that correlate with the season ones; if you already scored the goals for the season it shouldn't be a weekly objective
Sorry if its excessive but I've played since 06 and career mode cheap fifa coins has never been given the attention it deserves

Question about buying TOTY FIFA Di Maria and selling others

01/25/2015 17:15
So i really want Toty di maria in my BPL squad, i'm currently still holding TOTY fifa coins Kroos, TOTY Silva, TOTY Ramos and TOTY David Luiz. Kroos and Ramos from packs and Silva and Luiz for cheap as an investment.
So for you experienced guru's out there, what would you suggest i do in this case, what is a wise thing to do. Should i sell a couple of those TOTY's (Ramos OR Silva has to stay for my defense) and buy Di Maria right at this moment, or will Di marias price go down and should i wait or will his price RISE? because i don't want to be too late to buy him when his price does go up more and i'm never able to afford him without giving up every one of my toty players. 
I really could use some advice with this situation. 
Tough call...if you were looking at anything other than a toty card I would say wait as the toty cards you have now will go up, but since you want another toty card your best bet may be to sell your other toty cards now and buy toty di Maria. Also, if you do sell I would sell Ramos and keep toty silva and toty luiz as your defensive fifa 15 coins partnership.
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