How to FIFA 15 flick/How to get XP

01/18/2015 20:16
Hi everyone, couple fifa 15 coins questions. First of all, how do you flick on a teammate? When I receive a long ball, I can flick it to myself using the right stick but can't figure out how to flick on a teammate...this is when playing Kick-off or Seasons.
How can I easily get XP? I only want to unlock the Liverpool classic kit at level 39, and I'm only level 37 and it's taking forever to get XP. I've already completed a lot of the skill games up to the Skill Challenge level. 
One other thing driving me crazy is that when I try to build an attack and pass the ball, my teammate will just stand there, no matter how much I move the left stick. This allows the opposition to catch up and stalls any attack I have. How can I make the receiving fifa coins player break out of that?

few FIFA 15 ideas to make this game better via getting rid coin sellers and youtubers

01/17/2015 21:50
Still can buy fifa 15 coins and sell players as normal. but if you buy with fifa points you can sell them for coins. if you buy with coins there untradeable.
sorry something needs to be done to combat these coin sellers 
its this or tell all the youtubers that if they continue to promote coin websites they will be hit with a law suit in which they are responsible for paying a fraction of the entire coin websites profit. 
or tell them to stop it or there going to strike there youtube account. 
they know these guys by first name and where they live as they have given flights to these clowns to play fifa before anyone else. at this time they should say this to them. * them off what have you. 
and with that have them play the new game before anyone. but if you see that pace high pressure lob thru balls and ground through balls are broken at that time ea should competly nerf it 
i for one am not buying fifa 16. i am literally done. this game feels like they took every broken expliot or game mecahinc from 09 and put it into one fifa coins game. 

FIFA 15 Leagues And Teams List: EA Sports Confirms Full Selection Of Playable Clubs From Around The World

01/15/2015 18:52
EA Sports has compiled a complete list of all the clubs and leagues we'll be seeing in FIFA 15 coins, a wide selection encompassing 600 clubs across 35 licensed leagues.
NBA 2K15 MyTeam Trailer Features Shaq Narration, Dramatic Hypotheticals
We've written about how the gameplay is superior to last year's effort (as far as we can tell from the demo) and the new features that are coming to Ultimate Team and other modes, so it's helpful to take this step back and look at the collection of clubs you can actually play as in FIFA 15.
The announcement of the Turkish Super Lig's presence was a victory for fans, who had been requesting its addition for years, but which other leagues will be joining them? The full list--which includes each club name, the 'rest of world' section of teams, and international squads--can be found here, while the leagues are all posted below.
Read About And Listen To The FIFA 15 Soundtrack Here
It should be noted that not every team from each league is represented, and in some cases FIFA 15 only has the player and team names without the rights to the official crests or kits.
Hyundai A-League
K LEAGUE Classic
Abdul Latif Jameel League
Austria Bundesliga
Belgium Pro League
Barclays Premier League
Football League Championship
Football League 1
Football League 2
Ligue 1
Ligue 2
Bundesliga 2
TIM Serie A
Serie B
T-Mobile Ekstraklasa
Primeira Liga
SSE Airtricity League
Sogaz Russian Football Championship
Scottish Premiership
Liga Adelante
Raiffeisen Super League
Super Lig
LIGA Bancomer MX
Major League fifa coins Soccer
Primera División (Argentina)
Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank
Liga Postobón

What You Need To Know About FIFA fifteen

01/14/2015 21:29
Because of to this, it's vital that you have as several cash as attainable. There are two major approaches in which you can get the cash: totally free buy fifa 15 coins and by means of buying.
Purchasing the currencies demands you to have some funds even so, if you really don't have funds you can use a number of methods to get the coins for free:
Take part in tournaments
Tournaments give gamers an opportunity to get cash when they win therefore, for you to have the currencies you must guarantee that you acquire the tournaments. There are a quantity of tournaments that you can have interaction in. Some of the most typical ones are: on the web, solitary participant, and offline tournaments.
On the internet tournaments demand you to log into your device and hook up to the net. You must then play against various men and women from all components of the world.
Single player tournaments entail you actively playing towards a computer and if you beat the laptop you generate a number of coins.
Offline tournaments really don't need you to link your unit to the web. To enjoy you should ask your friend to play in opposition to you and if you earn you receive coins.
Pokemon Indigo is an on the internet game in the Pokemon series. Just like other games in the series, the sport is concentrated on capturing and instruction Pokemons in purchase to turn into the game's strongest trainer.
To type a sturdy party of Pokemon you require to have a nicely-rounded team that will include at the very least a single rare or legendary Pokemon. Although they are important, unusual units are not only hard to uncover, but they are also tough to capture. Although, this is the case, right here are tips on how to locate the rare units:
Research in hidden places
You can not discover the uncommon units when you very first start the match. This is since they are typically locked away or blocked by an obstacle. As a end result of this you have to comprehensive a considerable milestone for you to accessibility the areas where the units are located.
When you comprehensive an important portion of the recreation you should thoroughly lookup the area until you find a Pokemon. If you do not find the device in that location, you ought to aim at completing other milestones to accessibility the units. You ought to also get upon yourself to understand a shift this sort of as Lower that will let you to effortlessly uncover the units.
Be sturdy when attacking a Pokemon
Whilst there are numerous ways of making cash on FIFA coins, only a couple of of the approaches are successful. Listed here are some of the most powerful techniques:
Mass biding
Below you require to select a renowned participant and uncover the cost that he is going for. Right after undertaking this you must get away the EA's tax which is usually five% the value of the player. This indicates that if a player is heading for 5000 coins you need to deduct a 5% tax in get to get the precise price of the player.
Greatest crew: this feature arrives for Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 Sample Link and contains a new attribute of legends.

FIFA 15: 5 Outrageous Rumours That Won’t Happen

01/13/2015 20:10
The hype surrounding the release of FIFA 15 is still sky-high after EA Sports teased us with the first glimpses of gameplay at E3. EA are often criticised for introducing too little from one instalment of FIFA to another, barely making the new game different enough to warrant fans making a new purchase. However, with FIFA 15 Coins EA claims to have introduced a plethora of new features to convince fans that we wouldn’t yet again be seeing a marginally different copy of the previous year’s game, just with Lionel Messi in a different pose on the cover. The introduction of exciting new visual features such as the living pitch, an overhauled crowd and player emotional intelligence means that FIFA 15 will be suitably gorgeous to mark the franchise’s jump to next-ge
However, even with all the new additions announced at E3, speculation is still rife as to other new elements we will see making their debut in FIFA 15. These rumours range from the plausible to the downright ridiculous. Thankfully nobody has suggested that a biting function should be added for Suarez, though some of these rumours are almost as off-the-wall.
Here are the 5 FIFA 15 rumours that surely won’t happen:
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