How to FIFA 15 flick/How to get XP

01/18/2015 20:16
Hi everyone, couple fifa 15 coins questions. First of all, how do you flick on a teammate? When I receive a long ball, I can flick it to myself using the right stick but can't figure out how to flick on a teammate...this is when playing Kick-off or Seasons.
How can I easily get XP? I only want to unlock the Liverpool classic kit at level 39, and I'm only level 37 and it's taking forever to get XP. I've already completed a lot of the skill games up to the Skill Challenge level. 
One other thing driving me crazy is that when I try to build an attack and pass the ball, my teammate will just stand there, no matter how much I move the left stick. This allows the opposition to catch up and stalls any attack I have. How can I make the receiving fifa coins player break out of that?