FUT 13 coins - ratio, and anyone got any to trade?

01/05/2015 21:15
Last night my mate suggested we hop on FUT 13 for a couple of hours, after getting a sound 5-1 bashing on co-op seasons
It was a good idea, we played 5 FUT friendlies matches, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although my team was a bit rubbish, mainly just Chelsea players. I didn't realise the game speed was SO fast and furious. 
MY question is, I have a few FUT 15 coins spare, and looking at the prices for FUT 15 coins players they are quite cheap (Toure 14k, Hazard 45k, Tevez 10k, Aguero 35k) so I won't really need to trade much depending on the ratio. I only really want to build a good team that will compete with my mates amazing team. 
Also, how difficult is it to find seasons matches? 
I won't be trading till the new year, I think I'll only want to swap 50k FUT 15 for 13 coins, I just thought I'd put this post out there to gauge whether or not a trade will be possible. 
Cheerzola gorgonzolas 

FIFA 15: 5 (Cheap) Hidden Gems In Ultimate Team

12/30/2014 21:13
If FIFA Ultimate Team had a Football Manager style addiction-rating, it’d likely read something like ‘turning your underwear inside out save on washing’ – for most of us anyway. It’s time consuming, so fun and so frustrating
But that’s why we love it.
FUT has become Buy FIFA 15 Coins most popular game mode. It gives us all the opportunity to create our dream team. But with dreams – hard work, time and effort is needed. But rest assured that you’re not alone in realising just how much time and real money you’ve wasted on it.
We can all agree too that we’ve felt like screaming the house down when our expensively, carefully assembled FUT squads get been dominated by some lightning quick striker nobody has ever heard of. It’s a tough and all too regular break.
So instead of spending all of that time, money and energy on making your squad perfect, realise that it might be a little more rewarding to mould together a team of cheap players and bring them to the top division. Collated here are five players who should be able to find for under 5000 coins on FUT – at least to get you started anyway.

Crystal FIFA 15 Palace Career - MOTD Style Commentary

12/29/2014 19:40
Hey guys this is my first ever FIFA Coins commentary series. I've watched a lot of career walkthrough series online and I find many of them similar to each other. So I thought I would try something unique and turn each game into a Match Of The Day style commentary segmant.
I felt with all the Premier League stadiums and official graphics now in the game - adding some 'as live' commentary could make the video seem more realistic. Anyways feel free to have a look and I hope it adds a different dimension to a career series! 
To start off we signed Charlie Austin for 6.5 million pounds - in the hope that his goals could keep Crystal Palace in the Premier League for a second sucsessive season! 
Soon after we headed straight to the Emirates for a daunting opening day away trip across London! 

FUT 15 FUTMAS Cup Tournament & Pack Offer (Day 4)

12/28/2014 17:41
The fourth day of FUTMAS is here with the FUTMAS Cup Tournament (available until 6pm UK time, December 29th 2014) & 3k Consumables packs (available for the next 24 hours)! Throughout this festive promotion you can expect to see more tournaments and pack offers (happy hours), each day until January 2nd 2015!
FUT 15 FUTMAS Cup Tournament & Pack Offer (Day 4) - FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
Day Four Offer:
The FUTMAS Cup Tournament is now available until 6pm (UK time), December 29th 2014, with a 35k Mega Pack up for grabs! 3k Consumables Packs are also available between December 22nd-23rd 2014. TOTW 14 In-form players (including Santi Cazorla & Mehdi Benatia) are currently available in packs.
Tournament Requirements:
No requirements!
Online Win Rewards:
1 untradeable 35k Mega Pack
(Future wins – 5,000 coins)
Offline Win Rewards:
1 untradeable Rare Gold Pack
(Future wins – 3,500 coins)
Offline Tournament Difficulty:
3k (or 50 FIFA Points) Consumables fifa coins Pack:
Great value for maintaining your squads! Includes 12 consumables, at least 8 Gold with 1 Rare.
Pack limit: 10
Now that FUTMAS has kicked off, expect to see prices fall before the inevitable Team of the Year (TOTY) market crash! We’ll detail this more thoroughly in another market update soon!
Make sure to let us know who you get, we’ll Retweet some of the best packs! As always, if you have anything you want to say, please use the comments section below!

How long can you keep making excuses for FIFA 15

12/27/2014 23:19
I've tried to love Buy FIFA 15 Coins the game as much as past FIFA's and its not even like I am losing... I've got a record of 250-50-60 (roughly)...
This patch this.... this patch that... but how long can it really go on for? 
My record is 60/40 AT BEST since the patch... (About 40 of my losses since then) it feels wrong using the pacey ParkTheBus squads... its not fun to play against its not fun to play with... 
People are going to turn to it desperately, they want to have fun and win... yes its the most effective but thats not "real" like one half of people crave... and waiting for your defenders to collect the ball isn't "arcadey" either... 
So my question(s) is this... 
How long can you keep trying to make excuses for them? 
How long can you keep thinking "that player is no good for this game? 
How long can they keep dashing packs out without giving us the thing I (and I am sure many others) want, which is DECENT gameplay 
I want to love it... but I hardly can when its the gameplay that is filled with bull... Id much rather div bugs and missing rewards after a good game than complete bollox combined with bugs... WHERE IS THE NEXT PATCH?! 
/rant over 
Some constructive input/info to counter all my whining would be nice though. 
Cya next patch
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