How long can you keep making excuses for FIFA 15

12/27/2014 23:19
I've tried to love Buy FIFA 15 Coins the game as much as past FIFA's and its not even like I am losing... I've got a record of 250-50-60 (roughly)...
This patch this.... this patch that... but how long can it really go on for? 
My record is 60/40 AT BEST since the patch... (About 40 of my losses since then) it feels wrong using the pacey ParkTheBus squads... its not fun to play against its not fun to play with... 
People are going to turn to it desperately, they want to have fun and win... yes its the most effective but thats not "real" like one half of people crave... and waiting for your defenders to collect the ball isn't "arcadey" either... 
So my question(s) is this... 
How long can you keep trying to make excuses for them? 
How long can you keep thinking "that player is no good for this game? 
How long can they keep dashing packs out without giving us the thing I (and I am sure many others) want, which is DECENT gameplay 
I want to love it... but I hardly can when its the gameplay that is filled with bull... Id much rather div bugs and missing rewards after a good game than complete bollox combined with bugs... WHERE IS THE NEXT PATCH?! 
/rant over 
Some constructive input/info to counter all my whining would be nice though. 
Cya next patch